CRM Mistakes!!! What mistakes do you face during your practice?

Mariam Rustamyan

CRM mistakes


Analayzing nowadays market we can claim, that CRM becomes more and more important key for business success. It sounds easy, but there are a lot of underwater rocks, that can cost a lot to a company.  So, I propose to talk about CRM mistakes. The examples of such fault can be following:

  • Not measuring customer experience   - This is the situation then company is too much concentrated on the customer’s requirement, but never pay attention to how it perform for customer. It’s mean that the company doesn’t make assessment or make it insufficient way in scope of five key metrics: response time to customer questions, how long it takes to resolve customer problems, the percentage of visitors who find what they are looking for, overall customers rating and volume of customer communication across all channels. 
  • Keeping fragmentary data –  Bad data can cause misunderstood by companies; there’s nothing worse than wrong/ missing information about customer. In this case the customer can think that you don’t care and you will lose him forever.
  •  Do not following innovations -  In the hi-tech world we are leaving in, we are obligate to follow new solutions and implement them on- time to become interesting and “handy” for our clients.

And what mistakes do you face during your practice?