Restaurant Management System

Project Details

Project Goal: Hotel management automation
Challenges: adaptation of the system according to customer's needs
Duration: 2010 - now
Team: Tigran Manukyan - Project Manager
Gor Rustamyan - Architect
Karen Muradyan - Developer
Gegham Geghamyan- Quality assistant
Achievements: 15 customers 2013

Our customers

Management in restaurants is one of the most overwhelming jobs in the restaurant industry. Nowadays, restaurant managers cannot afford wasting time on countless calculations. It has become crucial to understand all your costs and how they relate to your restaurant’s management of sales. If you are struggling with some other very expensive and complicated form of software, Restaurant Management System will give you something you really need; more time to grow your business. The MS Restaurant management system developed by Mer Soft Company is specifically designed for managing, optimising and simplifying commercial and service processes in restaurants.

Group and Types of Services



Registering visitors

Registering employees

Employee Labor Percentage



Appointment scheduling

Dental examination/Diagnosis

Planning and Treatment

Sync with Google Calendar