Customer Relationship Management, increase your revenues

Tigran Manukyan

Increase your sales and profitable customers by using Mer Soft CRM Software and by making your sales agents' works more effective. Use innovative technologies for managing your business. Forget about losing Customer data and important business information. Reduce human factor by using Mer Soft CRM Software. Sales funnel will reveal low performing sales agents and will increase effectiveness of work. Completely automate service and sales business processes with Mer Soft CRM. CRM memory stores everything - information on buyers, activities, letters, meetings, appointments, documents, orders, etc. Data collection will enable you to send business offers relevant to your Customer needs and preferences which make it easier to communicate with Customers. Mer Soft CRM will improve discipline and Customer service of working process and make it more organized and controlled. System will help not only attract new customers but keep current Customers by using all means of communication. System is flexible and is adapted to any industry.