Warehouse Management System

Project Details

Project Goal: Warehouse Management
Challenges: adaptation of the system according to customer's needs
Duration: 2008 - now
Team: Tigran Manukyan - Project Manager
Gor Rustamyan - Architect
Vahe Miqaelyan - Developer
Hayk Baghdasaryan - Quality assistant
Achievements: 20 customers 2013

Our customers

It is found that there are overlaps in the functionality of the warehouse management and the enterprise resource planning, distribution requirements planning, as well as of transportation management systems, supply chain planning and scheduling. If all these are to have separate software the company using the software will get confused with the software solutions provided separately. Hence, there is need for an integrated system that will embrace warehouse management and all other related operations of the company. Our Warehouse Management System is intentionally developed to carry out the supervision of commodity circulation and to insure the completion of commercial functions. It can be used by organisations, private owners and individuals engaged in both retail and wholesale trade. The utilisation of our system allows managing and supervising the on-going business processes saving your time and efforts of the employees, delivering reports on commodity values and circulation means. Storage of information on your document flow allows retrieving already archived agreements or other data, as well as survey the information on current position and responsibilities of the customers.

Main Functions

  • Commodity acquisition, sale (retail and wholesale),
  • Use of bar code scanner,
  • Return of goods, rollback, receipt of returned goods,
  • Administration of client/customer accounts with different currencies,
  • Review of customer/partner debts,
  • Circulation of monetary means, remainder and functions performed with cash desk, bank,
  • Taking out/removal of goods from stock,
  • Displacement/transfer of material and substance values,
  • Opportunity of managing a number of separate warehouses,
  • Packaging of goods,
  • Automatic supervision of product dates of expiry,
  • Supervision of product quantity based on overtime statistical analysis of accumulated products,
  • Order formulation,
  • Pricing, information on price, cost-price calculation,
  • Re-estimation of material and substance values,
  • Cash desk incoming and outgoing orders,
  • Invoices,
  • Settlement account,
  • Incoming and outgoing orders on material and substance values,
  • Way-bill,
  • Stock incoming and outgoing orders,
  • Reference on tax bills issued to the buyers.
  • Accelerate significantly the inventory process of the goods in a warehouse,
  • Accelerate paperwork processes,
  • Optimise processes of reception and shipment of goods in a warehouse,
  • Reduce time spent by operators on entering warehouse processes information,
  • Compare current accounts and balances in real time manner,
  • Increase speed of search of the goods in a warehouse.

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