Dental Clinic Sales Management

Dental Clinic Sales Management


No matter what service the company provides if the sales process is not managed and controlled, there will be significant losses. In medical, mainly in dental industry, many cliniques do not even have fixed pricelists. Sometimes ordinary people or patients do not understand the services presented in the pricelist and when several medical services are provided to the patient, he has to pay a pretty sum without any explanation.

This approach hinders sales process, as the patient becomes suspicious. Eventually, he continues his treatment in another clinique. The result is the clinique looses not only that particular Customer but many other Customers recommended by that Customer. The time is spent ineffectively on diagnoses and Customer service. Many directors of the clinique and doctors often explain that Customer did not want to cooperate with them due to high prices but not due to the fact that Customer did not understand what he has to pay for, in what order, how long the treatment will last and what the result of the treatment will be. Clinique does not create a  sense of trust, value and high quality service approach to each lost Customer.

Many doctors unintentionally treat their patients indiffferently. The reason is that it is very time-consuming to present a detailed treatment plan for each patient after diagnoses and the doctor thinks that he can spent that time on another patient or on a specific service. It turns out that the doctor is right but the patient has also the right to view the whole picture of services provided to him. Automation or dental practice management software solves this issue. During diagnnoses, dental practice management software enables you to mark the specific part of the affected tooth, tooth extraction, implant or necessity of any other intervention. Treatment plan is generated automatically through previously filled out directories and protocols. Strong graphical interface will allow the patient to view the dental map and easily understand the amount of money charged for the provided service. 

Software features of medical planning  are widely used in case of cooperation with insurance companies.