Dental Clinic Customer Support

Dental Clinic Customer Support


In any business industry business processes related to Customer Support or support are of vital importance especially for the Customer. Nowadays there are many difficult Customers and it is really hard to satisfy their needs by providing high-quality medical services. Director of the clinique has to pay serious attention to the whole process and each stage of Customer Support so that Customer is not only happy with high-quality service but also feels appreciated and recommends the clinique to others. In dental industry Customer Support is a very complicated process as here Customer is also a patient and he sees a doctor when he feels pain or he is angry and stressed. For that reason, the patient can refuse to use the services without even having a chance to see the doctor, for instance due to waiting for too long than it was scheduled by telephone or reception or inadequate assessment of service or careless attitude.

In dental cliniques automation of customer service processes and implementation of automated software tools have a positive influence on business process of Customer Support. For example, when patients’ registration and scheduling is used, the doctor can plan his working day beforehand and the time schedulled for each patient by avoiding queues and patient’s stress. The use of IP PBX telephone stations will also enable cliniques to improve Customer Support by recording telephone conversations and its further monitoring.

It is also important to present treatment process and pricelist in a satisfying way. Patient trusts the clinique when dental map, documents and treatment information is properly presented to him printed by the automated system.

In many cases Customer service is considered to be complete when the main service has been provided or the product was sold and the buyer has made final payment. However, the buyer - in our case the patient, is waiting for caring attitude and the service must be continued as long as possible. For example, doctor can inquire about patient’s well being the next day of carrying out the treatment or invite to free medical examination after 6 months’ reminder SMS or E-mail message. Patient will feel the carrying attitude and high-quality service.