Hotel Business Processes

Hotel Business Processes


From management and organizational point of view hotels are complex systems as they consist of several interconnected services. Main services include hotel asset management, administration, commercial services, engineering and technical services, food and products supply and many other additional services.

  Hotel automation will enable to effectively manage all processes and connect one business process to another which will allow to receive complete information about hotel management.

Hotel business has a complex structure as it provides communication with Customers in all stages of hotel management. Effective management of business processes enables hotels to provide high-quality and excellent service and be more competitive and profitable than other hotels.

Hotel management has many processes that must be described and organized before its automation. There are three characteristic types of business processes in hotels:

  1. Core business processes
  • Sales of hotel sales
  • Room reservations
  • Guest accommodation
  • Serving guests during their stay
  • Restaurant, cafeteria and bar services
  • Games and entertainment center
  • Gym, pool, sauna, massage and other services
  • Mini bar
  • Dry cleaning
  • Conference rooms
  1.  Additional business processes
  • Organizing housekeeping services
  • Food storage supply
  • Supplying and storing cleaning and hygiene products and providing necessary items for rooms
  • Monitoring call center operator’s work
  • Accommodating guests and preparing room-related documents
  • Cooperation with tourist agencies and partners and preparation of relevant documents – contracts, invoices and orders
  • Organizing financial activity – income and expenses calculation, preparing reports
  1. Business development processes
  • Developing and implementing marketing activities
  • Sending birthday and holiday wishes
  • Congratulating hotel guests on their special days, for instance, marriage anniversary
  • Implementing bonus and loyalty programs
  • Measuring Customer loyalty and implementing further steps
  • Managing guests’ complaints
  • Meeting guests’ wishes and preferences

If you fail to create a coordinated business process, it will be impossible to satisfy the needs of guests and customers and provide high-quality service. Furthermore, it is necessary to optimize existing business processes and keep up with changes to win the competition.