Hotel Sales Management

Hotel Sales Management

 Sales Management is one of the main issues of hotels: if sales management is not carried out, there will be huge losses. Hotel management will have huge losses both in case of core services and in case of additional cross products of hotels. In hotel industry sales effectiveness index includes room availability, average price for each room, income from room sales, daily average income, daily average income per one guest, average number of people per one room, average length of one guest accommodation, average number of other hotel products per one guest.

Besides the above mentioned factors there is also seasonal price policy, sales between travel agencies and mediators, organization of corporate events and B2B sales management, implementation of cross selling and other issues.

Automated management system is an irreplaceable tool for managing and estimating all these factors and indices. It will enable:

  • To manage hotel prices
  • To control tour agencies' reservations, quickly prepare mutual acts and documents
  • To estimate indicators of tour agencies and mediators work, accommodation, cancellation and sales volume
  • To organize corporate events, group accommodation and prepare document
  • To completely manage B2B sales
  • To prepare individual commercial offers
  • To implement cross-selling
  • To increase and control transparency of hotel sales department work
  • To prepare different types of reports