What will the hotel administration gain

What will the hotel administration gain?


In hotel industry, serving large amount of people usually causes stressful situations for employees. They try to serve everyone to handle huge amount of guests and guests’ complaints which is impossible in real life.  Quality perception of a service operation starts at the front entrance, so it is very important to manage the work of hotel administration. When registering a guest, the best way to avoid all types of errors that occur due to employees’ stress and anxiety is the use of automated systems which will completely automate the work with Customers, help effectively use hotel assets, effectively manage and collect complete and reliable information about guests and the whole working process from strategic point of view.

System will enable:

  • To raise effectiveness of administrative employees
  • To reduce stress that occurred during scheduling
  • To create guests’ electronic card files where guests’ personal data is stored – preferences, visit frequency, the amount of money spent on each visit
  • Identify guests’ relations, both personal or professional, type of relationship – sister, brother, parent, friend, partner, neighbor

To clearly view the room and floor the guest prefers to stay in during his visit, type of alcoholic drinks he prefers to have in his mini bar, if the guest has a pet for which pet friendly accommodation must be provided, etc.