What will the guest gain

What will the guest gain?


Any Customer who enters the hotel, spends a lot of money and expects a high quality service as any other person who spends money. Besides the advantages that hotel management software provides to hotel management and administration, the system also improves Customer satisfaction. It enables guests to save the most valuable resource – time, as many guests value not only the quality of provided services but the speed as well – reservation, registration, accommodation, check-out, etc.

Hotel guests will be overall satisfied with the hotel and would like to return, if:

  • High quality service is provided
  • Thank you letter is delivered to them via SMS or e-mail that they have chosen that particular hotel
  • Regular notification is sent to them about current promotions
  • Discount offers are sent to them on their birthday, marriage anniversary or other holidays
  • Discount and loyalty offers are sent to the guest and his family

The above mentioned points can be implemented and managed only if automated systems are used.