Marketing and CRM tools of Dental Clinic

Marketing and CRM tools of Dental Clinic


Customer-centered marketing or CRM technologies are widely used by Western companies providing medical services. CRM  tehcnologies prove their effectiveness for over 20 decades. CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. These three simple words serve as a whole management system, technology and even as an ideology, that is used for getting long-term results.

Due to implementing CRM technology and strategy it is possible to increase sales and profitable deals by reducing marketing expenses, attracting important Customers, keeping current Customers, carring out high-quality service and effective sales. It is possible tp create all types of communication with the patient through CRM. For example, to automatically send birthday wishes and remind about appointment, etc. You can impact on sales activation: the system will automatically generate and send e-mail or SMS with the following text: “Dear Mr. Vardanyan, we are concerned about Your health issues. Your diagnosis showed that your 14th teeth has dental caries and you have not scheduled the appointment. We hope that life is treating You well and You simply forgot about it. This is just a reminder. Waiting for your visit. If you delay your treatment for another 2 months, your tooth might be extracted. Regards, doctor Minasyan”.

In any business it is important to pay attention to loyal Customers. The use of CRM technology can greatly impact on Customer loyalty, which will in turn impact on the increase of the number of Customers and turnover.

In dental industry CRM can be used in the following processes:

  • Collecting patinets’ data: personal data, preferences, relations, working data, information on family members
  • Customer segmentation and grouping by different criteria, such as gender, age, socio-demographic
  • Sales of medical services for B2B company employees
  • Implementing  marketing events for target audience
  • Sending SMS and Email notifications
  • Managing calls through IP PBX, call center telephone station
  • Individual congratulation of happy birthdays and holidays/buyer’s name is mentioned in the message text
  • Reminding about appointment
  • Sending information about planned visits
  • Printing thank you letters
  • Informing about various promotions
  • Implementing loyalty programs
  • Implementing family loyalty cards and strategies
  • Analyzing Customer acquisition sources
  • Implementing strategies for attracting new patients by Customer’s recommendation

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PC: 2, 3

Users: 2, 3

Database: 6GB

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10 reasons why you need our services


  1. Flexible cost -  pay monthly.
  2. Maximum adaptivity – software is very adjustable, so it can fit your business the best.

  3. All features by the same price – no matter which sections you are using pay the same cost.

  4. High security level – software has 4 level security to guaranty your safeness.

  5. Fee free server– you are not required to pay for server and its support, we will do that for you.

  6. Free trainings–  our customers will get free training hours every month.

  7. Multilanguage approach – Software is in available in Armenian, but it is also available in other languages as well

  8. Data export/Import opportunity- Software has variety of tools to import/export information

  9. Free updates – You will receive all new versions every month for free

  10. Free support – You can address us all your problems by e-mail and receive a quick response.