Success Story

Business Automation. Success Story.

Dental Clinic Management System contributed to '' White Castle '' dental clinic business development.

With the purpose of business automation, "White Castle" dental clinic has acquired automated system of dental clinic management. Daily use of dental management software package noticeably has  improved customer service business processes, making information about them easily accessible. Also were automated processes such as trade, finance, accounting and business processes associated with insurance agencies and providers.


Director of dental clinic David Hovhannisyan says that they have a desire to acquire other automation programs of Mer Soft.


''Stom Line'' Dental Clinic Success Story  

Dental Clinic has been operating for 10 years. Mer Soft dental clinic automated management system has raised to a new level as the work of doctors and the administration. Director Vardan Atyan says that the service has become better.

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Database: 3GB

Trainings: 4 hours per month

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PC: 2, 3

Users: 2, 3

Database: 6GB

Trainings: 4 hours per month

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PC: 4, 5

Users: 4, 5

Database: 10GB

Trainings: 4 hours per month

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10 reasons why you need our services


  1. Flexible cost -  pay monthly.
  2. Maximum adaptivity – software is very adjustable, so it can fit your business the best.

  3. All features by the same price – no matter which sections you are using pay the same cost.

  4. High security level – software has 4 level security to guaranty your safeness.

  5. Fee free server– you are not required to pay for server and its support, we will do that for you.

  6. Free trainings–  our customers will get free training hours every month.

  7. Multilanguage approach – Software is in available in Armenian, but it is also available in other languages as well

  8. Data export/Import opportunity- Software has variety of tools to import/export information

  9. Free updates – You will receive all new versions every month for free

  10. Free support – You can address us all your problems by e-mail and receive a quick response.