Hotel Business Automation

         Hotel Business Automation   


In modern world hotel industry grows and improves very rapidly. Great competition pushes hotels to provide excellent Customer Service, high-quality hotel services and carry out many marketing tricks for the purposes of attracting new customers, retaining them and effectively managing the hotel. The effectiveness of hotel management can be highly improved by the use of automated management systems.

Hotel management automated systems automatically carry out many operations. The result is that workload of administrative employees is dramatically reduced when working with documents and data processing.

Automated systems will enable the hotel:

  • To reduce time spent on each guest till 2-3 minutes
  • To increase hotel profitability by 20% due to precise calculation of guest stay
  • To provide quick and easy communication between departments which will enable the hotel management to quickly and timely respond to Customer requests, eliminate defects and technical problems
  • To use bonus and discount cards that will allow customers to use discounts
  • To follow the availability of free rooms and avoid such situations when the guest has not vacated the room but a new guest arrives
  • To implement coordinated management of hotel resources
  • To provide transparency and monitoring of all types of hotel services
  • To implement automation of reservations and accomodation
  • To automate current activity and conduct guests’ database
  • To conduct a thorough analysis on hotel activty
  • To collect and analyze information on hotel numbers, etc.

 Restaurant automation plays an important role in hotel management automation. Its main issue is to comply with international standards and increase personnel control and service level.